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1. I heard about Forest & Ray several times from friends/collegues, but first I was a bit hesitant to try a new dentist. However, all my second thoughts have disappeared after I got a general check-up and my teeth cleaned. The staff was very friendly as well with a welcoming atmosphere. - Kirsty

2. I can only recommend Dr Kolozsvary after my bridges have been done. Great job and great price! - Sam

3. I got a professional teeth whitening and overall I am very thankful towards Dr. Zimandi and the entire clinic staff for all the attention shown towards me. - Ben

4. I have finally got around to booking myself in to get braces. This is something I should have done as a child but my parents could not afford it. After numerous consultations with different dentists and orthodontists, I have chosen Dr Somos and all I can say it that I'm more than satisfied! - Yusif

5. I have came across Forest & Ray through their website which gave me a good first impression and I gave it a try with a plaque removal at first. I was so pleased with the pain free experience and had numerous treatments since the first visit. - Tiffany

6. It gives me great pleasure to write this review about my experience with Forest & Ray Clinic. I have visited to a number of dentists in the past, but never was satisfied as the end result was not what I was looking for.
When I went to Forest & Ray and explained to Dr. Poncz what I was looking for, he gave the exact options in order to get what I wanted and helped me make the choice with changing my previous fillings with the most modern option.
I am very pleased with the outcome of the treatment. Definitely, for any future dental work, I will go back to them and recommend the clinic to my family or friends who require any dental treatment. - Kyle

7. Amazing service so far. I felt free to ask all the questions I want and I felt really comfortable, back for multiple consultations at Forest & Ray. - Elaine

8. I appreciate all the service and treatment given to me. It was just fantastic. I am very much happy with the Doctors and the staff at Forest and Ray. I wish them success and special thanks to Dr. Robert Somos for my ceramic braces. - Sophie

9. I just recently had my braces removed and three days ago I had an in-office teeth whitening. The procedure took about an hour and was quite pleasant, no pain. After the treatment, I had a few of those "zingers". They lasted for a few seconds and even though they felt painful, they weren't unbearable. The zingers stopped after two hours. I am very happy with my results and big thanks to the team at Forest & Ray! - Georgia

10. I walked into Forest & Ray clinic in Bloomsbury 2 months ago with an appointment. Since that first appointment, I have visited the clinic 4-5 times. My experience has been very good with Dr . Laszlo Kolozsvary, he did all my needed treatments (such as bridges). They stick to the appointed time, staff is courteous and the doctor was efficient, quick and treatment was perfect. Thank you Forest & Ray and Dr Kolozsvary for taking excellent care of my teeth! - James

Letters from our Patients

Dear Eniko,

Thank you for your email. Sorry to miss you on my last day at the surgery.

I am very satisfied with my new upper and lower bridges. They are an excellent fit and beautifully made. I expect to have good service from them for a long time to come.

Yours was the first practice to phone me after my general enquiry about Hungarian dentistry. You were clear about how to proceed and the cost of the initial appointment. In turn, Dr Furstner examined my teeth and gums, explained what could and could not be done to correct any problems and the time and cost involved. He explained the advantages of treatment in Budapest but also what could be done in London. I was given a detailed written programme and. estimate.

I felt I was in the care of experts. There was a lot to be done, sometimes uncomfortable, but never painful. I had no aches after treatment. My teeth now look good, feel comfortable and work well.

Thank you all for the care you showed. I am pleased to recommend your work to others.

Yours sincerely,

Allan B. 

Testimonial to Standards of Excellence

Since my early teens, when my low back teeth were removed, I have done the rounds visiting numerous UK dentists in the pursuit of retaining health gums and as many teeth as possible. However, in recent years it was becoming a lost battle. At the start of this year my UK dentist gave me a quotation, for work, he considered necessary, to avoid having a full set of dentures. The quotation was staggering, but, in some respects it was the best thing that could have happened, because, it led me to research finding less expensive possibilities of having the work done.

After requesting information regarding having dental work performed aboard I was inundated with calls and e-mail. But, one caller stood out from the rest. It was a young Hungarian lady, working in London, called Eniko. She did not try to sell me a package, as others had done, but, ask questions about what I thought I needed and then confidently answered all my queries. She explained the dental practitioners she work for, visited the UK on a regular basis to assess patience's needs, prepare treatments plans and quotation - this was without charge. She then made an appointment for me to see Dr Furstner.

I was immediately impressed by Dr Furstner, he dismissed the dental records I had taken with me and went on to make his own perfect diagnosis, where other dentist had shaken heads and said they would really not be too sure of the treatments until surgery was taking place. He made an assessment my situation, quickly, confidently and with an easy relaxed manner, which somehow, made the prospect of bone grafts, teeth implants, crowns, bridges and removal of infected bone, procedure's I need not become stressed out about. Following the London assessment I spent a very pleasant six days in Budapest, where I was looked after from my plane landing to leaving. - Dr Furstner carried out the major part of surgery with his incredible expert efficiency and amazingly without pain. Follow-up treatments to fit implants etc. have been carried out in London. The speed of recovery has been fast and without incidence. Most importantly, thanks to Dr Furstner, I now have, virtually, a full set of teeth, health gums and a smile to be proud of. I suspect Dr Furstner is something of a genius within his profession. His understanding of periodontal problems, his amazing ability to perform complex surgical procedures, fast and effectively and understanding of aesthetics are - and I know from experience - most exceptional.

I would absolutely recommend Dr Furstner to anyone contemplating dental work. I hope he will remain my dentist for the foreseeable future, as I could not contemplate going elsewhere - I have waited a long time to find such excellence! Thank you for that first call Eniko and your help.

Paula D.

To Whom It May Concern:

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your last correspondence, I have been incredibly busy and did not wish to rush my letter of recommendation.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those concerned with my dental work.
I am over the moon with the results, and can honestly say that the whole process was a lot less stressful than the implants I had fitted in England over 6 years ago by a British dental firm in Sheffield.

Not only was the whole experience of visiting Budapest made simple and pleasurable by your backup staff but I saved a small fortune around about L11,000 in all.
Quite simply I would not have been able to afford the treatment I needed if I had to rely on treatment in this country.

As a jobbing actress it is essential that my teeth look good. Knowing I could only afford dentures if I sought treatment in England was a very depressing thought.
So I did my research and found you. I knew that many people were going abroad for dental treatment but I was afraid of what would happen if something went wrong. That is why I picked you knowing that my after care would be in England. Of course nothing did go wrong, but it gave me that sense of security knowing I had this back up just in case

I am so proud of my smile now and cannot sing your praises highly enough; I have already recommended you to all my friends and will continue to do so. Dr Fustner is a fantastic dentist
Once again
I thank you
Yours truly,

Chrissie C. M. 


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