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Hygienist & Teeth-Whitening

What is a hygienic treatment?

Hygienic treatments refer to all treatments that are meant for the removal of plaque and for the prevention of cavitiies and tooth decay. They are a necessary complement to regular at home oral health care as a preemptive measure against plaque formations, the breeding ground of bacteria that can cause expensive and painful dental problems in the future.


What can I expect during my hygienic treatment?

A usual hygienic treatment involves the scraping of teeth with a hand held scaler to remove plaque and tartar. Scalers come in many different forms, usually involving a metal hook, and most of the newer ones produce a stream of warm water to wash the detritus straight off, immediately. Most of them also vibrate slightly, which helps in breaking up plaque and tartar. In addition to scraping the surface of teeth, a deep cleaning, or root planning is also necessary. As our toothbrushes do not reach below the gum level, it is necessary to scrape the tooth roots with the scaler, which is a pain free and quite normal procedure helping to prevent root canals and infections below the gum line.

Any general dentist, or a trained dental nurse or assistant, can provide these hygienic treatments. They are a staple of modern dental care, absolutely indispensable for the prevention of plaque formations and thus tooth decay. They are also our number one weapon against gingivitis and gum diseases that can lead to periodontitis.

Tooth Whitening, Zoom Whitening

There two ways to go about whitening your teeth - one is a chairside procedure done in our London dental practice, the other is a DIY, take home approach. The chairside procedure is recommended by dentists as it is quicker, easier, and done under the supervision of a professional dentist so you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong. It is a one and a half hour procedure, during which trays filled with a bleaching material are placed over your teeth, and a blue light shone on them to expedite the process. It is a one visit procedure, you do not need to come back, and your smile will remain brighter for up to half a year, after which daily life will once again begin to show its effects. Certain foods, such as chocolate, coffee, wine, and red fruits vegetables and berries should be avoided, as these tend to stain teeth more than other foods.

The DIY approach involves take home trays and a tube of the patented Zoom tooth bleach. You just insert the bleach into the trays and put them over your teeth; this process should be repeated several times to achieve good results.

Do remember, there are always risks in performing any medical procedure with a trained medical professional not being present. You may overuse the gel, which can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. If the tray is not placed on properly you may swallow some of the gel, which is not suitable for human consumption. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of our chairside option.

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