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  • Looking for an alternative?
    Invisible braces are the best choice.

    No more vires or brackets.
    Just clear comfort.

  • Having the smile that you have always wanted, something that will affect your life in ways that you wouldn't except.

  • Get your confident smile back with our most up to date implant procedures.

  • A brilliant smile is not just a matter of care and confidence.

  • Hygienist and Teeth Whitening

    Get the latest information on dental products and teeth whitening today.

    Conuslt your hygienist in central London and get a sparkling white smile in one go.

Hotel offer


Emergency dental appointments for all hotel partners

Have you ever encountered a situation when a guest of your hotel needs a dental appointment as soon as possible but you do not know where to call? The Think Teeth Dental Practice has the solution for you and your front desk staff.

Why should I send our guests to the Think Teeth dental practice?

  • Our dental practice is open seven days a week with late opening hours.
  • Emergency appointments are available every day for our corporate partners.
  • You can reach our customer care staff to book an appointment Mon - Sun 9am‐9pm.

Why is it good for our staff to recommend our guests to your dental practice?

  • All of your staff will get generous discounts at our dental practice.
  • No emergency fees for staff members
  • No consultation fees for staff members
  • Seasonal discounts for all registered partners (discounted hygienic sessions, whitening, etc.)
  • Further discounts for major treatments

What do we have to do to ensure high quality emergency care for our guests and to get our staff further benefits?

  • In case a guest needs emergency dental care, simply call us and we'll book the first available appointment
  • Give your guest a referral card to confirm your referral
  • Talk to our representative how to activate the benefits for your staff members.
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