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  • Hygienist and Teeth Whitening

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Go Corporate


At Think teeth we really care about your teeth and your smile

At Think Teeth we conduct a range of dental treatment plans and services primarily for small and medium size enterprises (SMBs), like yours. We are proud to offer you and your employees competitive and cutting edge dental plan options and we believe that your company can greatly benefit from such plans.

Do you know that 66% of companies offering employees dental benefits saw a significant reduction in employee absenteeism.

Our aim at Think Teeth is to improve your employees health and productivity and deals with potential rapid and unpredictable oral health risks.

Benefits for the employer

  • Reduce employee’s absenteeism
  • Make You an attractive employer when it comes to recruitment
  • Enhancing the employees retention and loyalty
  • Helps to educate employees about healthier lifestyle
  • Premiums are tax deductible as corporation expense, which means savings for the company

Benefits for the employees

  • Improve employee’s oral health
  • Access to high quality dental practice at lower cost
  • Desired and needed added-value employee’s benefits
  • Access to quick emergency appointments
  • Avoid dental problems diagnosed by dealing with the problems at an early stage such as mouth cancer



Members are entitled to the following benefits:

Consultation, Orthodontic Consultation, Checking for Signs of Oral Cancer
Hygienist Session
Free Emergency
All Necessary X-rays
Any Family Member Join
Discounted Root Canal & Treatment from £50 up to £150/ each time
Discounted Implants and Crowns Treatment from £100 up to £200 / each time
Discounted Tooth Extractions, Wisdom tooth extractions and Fillings from £30 up to £70
Discounted Orthodontic Treatments from £99 up to £299



If you need additional assistance, please contact us at;
or call us at: 020 31990195

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