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Dental Implant Centre

Dental Implants

The first time success rate of the Think Teeth Dental Studio and Implant Centre is 98%!
Contact us and save on the usual London price by getting your dental implants with Think Teeth!

1. What exactly are dental implants?

2. Are dental implants expensive?

3. Is there any pain involved?

4. How long does implantation take and how many times will I have to go the dentist?

5. Are dental implants safe? How long will they last?

6. Do dental implants really work successfully?

  • 5year Guarantee implants from L876
  • 10year Guarantee implants from L1178
  • Premium Dental Implants from L 1578



What exactly are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small screw inserted into the jawbone. Generally the screws are made of titanium, a neutral type of metal generally accepted by the human body, which is used in a wide range of surgical procedures. The dental implant is fixed into the mandible and with time, the jawbone integrates with the surface of the implant. This process is called osseointegration. The dental implant will be firmly anchored by this natural bone growth.
There are many sorts of implants available, but the variety that’s best for you depends on a number of factors such as your dental condition, how much you wish to spend and your aesthetic preference. Think Teeth Dental Studio skilled dentists can always help to choose the one which is best for your circumstances. An X-ray will have to be taken; this will show the amount of bone remaining. The amount of bone is important because this determines the space available for the implants. After this, it’s possible to decide which implant is the most suitable for your particular case.

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Are dental implants expensive?

Not if you come to Think Teeth! Obviously, in order to undertake any skilled surgical and cosmetic procedure, significant investment and training of staff is involved, aside from the cost of the implants. However, the precise cost of dental implants can be determined only when a full examination is completed at our London surgery. In a survey of over 350 patients who had had their dental work completed, the results showed that most of the patients would do it all again and felt that the investment had been worthwhile. For those patients who have more time, it is possible to do the implantation at Think Teeth practice in Budapest where the cost of treatment could be reduced even more significantly.

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Is there any pain involved?

There can be discomfort, as with any invasive surgery. To eliminate discomfort, anaesthetic and, if appropriate, sedation of patients are used. Our doctors can prescribe pain killing medication to ease any discomfort that may occur during the recovery period. You can also be assured that we will make a concerted effort to stay in contact with you after the surgery. This is the best way to be sure that you remain comfortable and informed about your surgery.

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How long does implantation take and how many times will I have to go the dentist?

After the initial consultation, Think Teeth Dental Studio will send you a treatment plan within a couple of days. If you decide to go ahead with the work, then you can make an appointment for the implantation in London. We also offer the option of saving even more money by having the surgery done in Budapest. Ten days after implantation, you should come back to Think Teeth Dental Studio for a check-up which may also include removal of stitches and taking an X-ray This check up can be done by any suitably qualified dentist instead, if it saves you making a special trip to London. Then, four months after the implantation, the dentist will uncover the implant and place a temporary healing abutment on the implant. The impression or mould for the final crown is then taken. A fortnight to three weeks later the permanent abutment will have set on the implant and the final crown can then be fitted as well.

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Are dental implants safe? How long will they last?

Dental implant technology is a safe, well-established and low risk type of surgery. Statistically, 90 % of modern implants last for at 15 years or more with normal care and precautions. The life span is affected by your own dental and oral care, as well as lifestyle and medical conditions.

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Do dental implants really work successfully?

At our dental clinic, according to our previous annual statistics, we have a first time success rate of 98% for fitting dental implants. The remaining 2% were successfully fitted on the second attempt. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

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